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Indian Wars Of The Old West:
Montana, Part 2

Hayfield Fight, Montana

Sioux and Cheyenne Warriors

Fought on August 1, 1867, three miles from Fort C. F. Smith, Montana, Territory, the battle pitted a determined stand of 31 soldiers and civilians against more than 700 Sioux and Cheyenne warriors.


Fortified behind a barrier of a low log corral, the combined soldier/civilian force withstood six hours of attacks before relief finally arrived to disperse the warriors. Known as the Hayfield Fight, the site is located about three miles from Fort C. F. Smith, Montana.

The site is on private land, marked by a monument and plaque.

Big Hole Battlefield, Montana

Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

The Battle of Big Hole is one of a series of engagements between U.S. troops and the fleeing Nez Perce under Chief Joseph and other leaders.


Col. John Gibbon attacked the sleeping Nez Perce camp at dawn on August 9, 1877. He inflicted severe casualties before a vigorous counterattack drove him back and allowed the Nez Perce to escape.

Casualties: U.S. 29 killed, 40 wounded; Indians 89 killed. The National Park Service operates this site.

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